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Application Excercise 5h

Research one Ombudsman for private companies or service-providers. For example, banks, water suppliers, gas and electricity suppliers, or telephone and internet providers.

One Example: complaints about electricity, gas and water suppliers would be directed to the Energy and Water Ombudsman.

(a) the work undertaken by theEnergy and Water Ombudsman.

Complaints about energy and water issues, providing Victorian customers with free, accessible, informal and fast dispute resolution.

(b) the types of complaints and disputes the Energy and Water Ombudsman Provide examples.

Most issues to do with energy and water, including:

  • billing and payment arrangements
  • payment difficulties and financial hardship
  • debt collection and credit default listings
  • energy disconnection and water restriction for non-payment
  • transfer from one energy company to another
  • the connection to and provision of the energy or water service
  • the energy or water supply, including issues such as water quality and outages
  • customer service
  • marketing
  • infrastructure such as meters, poles, wires and pipes
  • energy and water company activities that affect a customer’s land
  • embedded networks.


(c) how Energy and Water Ombudsman resolves disputes.

For customers with complaints, alternative dispute resolution processes are used to resolve disputes impartially, informally and quickly, with the aim to make fair and reasonable decisions, taking into account the circumstances of the case, good industry practice and the law. For customers with general enquiries, advice, information and referral is provided.

(d) how a complaint can be made to the Energy and Water Ombudsman.

Before you complain to us, you must give the company a reasonable opportunity to resolve the dispute itself. If you’ve tried but you can’t sort the problem out, we can help you and the company to reach a resolution.

You can make a complaint by phone, online, by email, fax or in writing.