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Application Excercise 1c

Laws targeting foreign fighters reverse the evidential burden of proof

1. The Turnbull government proposed changes to citizenship laws.

2. Social cohesion is the belief or willingness of individuals in society to work together in a peaceful and orderly manner.

3. The Turnbull government believes that changing citizenship laws would promote social cohesion by encouraging applicants to demonstrate “Australian values”. The government also believes that tougher tests will attract people who will “positively contribute, regardless of nationality or religious belief”.

4. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten indicated that the Labor party was open to supporting some of the proposals, including the English language emphasis and increased waiting period. However, he questioned the necessity of some of the measures.

5. Joe Caputo, chairman of the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia, suggested that the government should avoid assuming that people from diverse backgrounds have values that contradict “Australian values”. He said that values were not limited to specific ethnic groups.