Legal Groundup

Legal Studies from the ground up

Application Excercise 5e



Angela, as a landlord, is unhappy with Tom, the tenant, who has not been paying his rent on time, and is therefore extremely behind in his rental payments to Angela.

Residential tenancies list

Alessia applied for a senior management position in a law firm but was unsuccessful and not given the job because she is pregnant.

Human rights list

Johnny (client) and Anthony (lawyer) are in dispute about the legal fee that needs to be paid by Johnny for legal services provided by his lawyer Anthony.

Legal Practice List

Lucy needs to appoint a guardian to help manage her personal affairs as she has a disability and is therefore unable to do this herself.

Guardianship list

Sammy purchased a TV that does not work properly. She went back to the shop with her receipt explaining she would like to exchange her faulty TV for a new one that works properly, but the shop will not exchange it.

Civil claims list

Martha is being sexually harassed by her boss at work.

Human rights list

A government agency released privacy information about its client without their permission.

Human rights list

Michael and Stephanie are unhappy with the land valuation they have been given for their property. They want a review of this decision on the valuation of their land.

Planning and Environment list