Legal Groundup

Legal Studies from the ground up

Application Excercise 5a


Achieve each of the principles of justice – fairness, equality and access.

1. awarding compensatory damages

Is fair and  equal for everyone

2. a civil jury of 6 people determining a defamation trial

Access to a jury

Fair trial

3. appealing a VCAT decision to the Supreme Court of Victoria

Access to appeal a decision

Fair to be able to review a decision in a higher court.

4. appearing in court with a lawyer from Legal Aid

Fair if cannot afford your own lawyer

Equal access to a lawyer

5. during a civil trial the plaintiff is given more time than the defendant to present their case


6. use of ADR methods by courts and tribunals to resolve civil disputes

Resolve disputes in a fair manner

Access to alternatives to traditional court

7. the presiding judge in a civil trial favouring one party over the other

Unfair and not equal to favour one party

8. no remedy awarded to a successful plaintiff because the judge believed the civil case wasted valuable court time