Application Excercise 6n

1. In the case of Wik Peoples v The State of Queensland &Ors and Thayorre People v The State of Queensland &Ors [1996] High Court of Australia, the Wik and Thayorre peoples claimed native title over an area included in pastoral leases because they believed their title could exist at the same time as the […]

Application Excercise 6m

1.Students need to brainstorm some possible reforms to the protection of rights in Australia. 2. Students need to design a poster, flyer or brochure promoting and explaining what their reforms are, and how their reforms will better protect the rights of all Australians.

Application Excercise 6l

EXAMPLE COUNTRY – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA The approach adopted by the United States of America when it comes to protecting rights is that the USA has a Bill of Rights, which refers to the first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution of 1791 with further amendments having since been added.  The US Bill of […]

Application Excercise 6k

Students respond to this statement with their opinion of whetherthey agree or disagree with this statement providingreasons. Example – comparing Australia’s approach to the protection of rights with USA’s approach to the protection of rights: USA has a bill of rights, Australia does not have a bill of rights. USA has an extensive list of […]

Application Excercise 6j

1. The adherence to Article 18 might help to improve the quality of life for some people or groups by everyone having the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, which includes freedom to change your religion or belief. 2. The adherence to Article 19 might help to improve the quality of life for […]

Application Excercise 6i

For example: I agree that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights outlines basic rights of all human beings as the basic human rights of all human beings are protected in 30 Articles. Some of these human rights are: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Everyone has the right to […]

Application Excercise 6h

1. Students need to research three key points for each of the human rights treaties. 2. Students need to explain how each point helps to promote human rights. For example, Convention on the Rights of the Child Three key points: In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations has proclaimed that childhood is […]

Application Excercise 6g

1. A free, fair and timely dispute resolution service 2. Types/ grounds include – age, carer and parental status, disability, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy, religion, sex Places/ areas – accommodation, clubs, education, employment/ workplace, goods and services, land sales and transfers, local government, sport How to make a complaint – phone call, lodge an […]

Application Excercise 6f

Case Scenario Ground of Discrimination Area of Discrimination 1. Oliver applied to enrol at a primary school, but his application was refused because he was a boy who had been expelled from his previous school for being disruptive in class. sex education 2. Marilyn applied for a management position in a law firm but was […]

Application Excercise 6e

Example: Carlton Football Club Constitution 1. The purpose of the Carlton Football Club Constitutionis to outline information and guidelines relating to the club, its membership, powers and duties of the board. 2. Carlton Football Club – some rights of the players and employeesare – entitled to be paid, to have a safe workplace,ordinary members have […]